Day 1 of Denomination Presentations

I’m choosing to focus on the Mormon presentation that was done today because I am more familiar with the Methodist denomination and know little to nothing about Latter Day Saints (LDS). The three people that I know that are somewhat associated with the Mormon denomination are no longer active in their churches for personal reasons so I never really get the “full story” from them since they wanted out of it and took the steps to do so. All I ever hear from them is their one-sided view that doesn’t want to be associated with the denomination anymore.


( Caption: The one super intriguing thing that stood out to me during the Mormon presentation today was their belief of different levels of eternal life. I found this picture online from                       


I think that the photo above it better clarifies this unique Mormom belief. In my denomination, which is Lutheran, I have been taught that as long as we accept Jesus and God as our Savior and Lord then we will have eternal life. I had never thought that even the smallest things you do on Earth effect your entire eternal life. I have talked with my family members who do business with Mormons quite frequently and they have noted that they are some of the hardest working people that they have ever met in their life! I now know that this is probably due to their desire for being in the highest possible level of heaven when they leave this life.

I think it was good to note that Latter Day Saints (or Mormoms, whichever you choose to call them) are often mocked in the media. I think that this is because people don’t fully understand their practices and are too quick to judge from an extreme “outsiders perspective”. I think that if more individuals took the time to look into the religion and better understand where they are coming from, they would be more tolerant, more accepting, and less judgemental.

While doing quick research to find the image above, I found a website where ex-mormons post and give greater insight to their beliefs, which I think I’m going to look into more in depth. I do have Mormons coming to my door frequently, but it took me until today to realize how little I know about their lifestyle, views of God, views of heaven, etc. Maybe the next time I’m home and they come around I won’t JUST say “hello” and that I am already satisfied with my current religion, but I will let them stay and chat a while and hear more of what they have to say.





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