Episcopal/Christian Science Denomination Presentations

Learning about Christian Science was interesting to me because there is a branch in Ventura that I always drive by, but I’ve never known exactly what they believed in.  I think that it’s incredible how powerful they think that prayer can truly be. I normally pray for guidance, but they pray for literal healing of their bodies.  I think it’s admirable that they have so much faith in God’s power and believe that he can fix their problems through their intense practice of prayer, but I like my modern medicine. I’ve had too many broken bones and concussions from soccer injuries and I would have been a mess without the lovely people at the ER and hospital that I have seen more times that I can count.

I was glad to hear about how progressive the Episcopal Church is.  I personally believe that women should have more power within the church and they hold that belief too and have taken action to make it happen. I was surprised that they allow the LGBT community to become ordained; I think that’s a huge step in gaining equality for all people. Hopefully more denominations see what their church is doing and can use them as a role model when making decisions about who can and can’t have power in the church. I do see why some denominations do not allow it because it goes against the literal biblical text, but many LGBT people that I have come into contact with throughout my life are some of the most passionate Christians that I know. I was also glad to hear that they are very proactive environmentally because I’m an Environmental Science major. I think that in this aspect, they are very similar to the Contemporary Jews, which I presented about for my daily topic presentation.  Both religions are careful to take care of the Earth which God provided for them because they are merely tenants of God’s land. I liked the quotation that Karina said: “you might not like the same flavor of ice cream that I do, but at the end of the day it’s still ice cream”. I think it can apply to many aspects of life, not only religion. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and interpretations and can create whatever kind of relationship with God that we wish to have.


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