CLU’s Lutheran Affiliation


Caption: I found this photo at The image shows a quote that was said by Pope Paul VI. I think this is a strong statement and it has a lot to do with the Social Issues that were mentioned on the ELCA website.

There were a wide variety of topics and issues that the ELCA says needs to be worked on and recognized, and by doing so the world will become a more unified place. By trying to help the homeless, prevent violence, help the environment, and expand education, basically everyone benefits and can feel safer and more secure.

On Cal Lutheran’s “Our Lutheran Identity” page, the school explains that we have an incredibly diverse student body, but nobody is alone.  The school doesn’t aim to act like a missionary and bring you to Christ, but instead causes the students to think long and hard about what the Christian faith means to them and to others in the world around them. The school requires religious courses not because they’re trying to spread the word of God, but because they think that this knowledge is advantageous to students, especially in our euro-centric Christian-based society. Our school encourages us to think critically and find out what we truly believe in, since as freshmen especially, most of us are on our own for the first time and are able to think for ourselves and form our own unique beliefs. We are here to determine what we hold to be true in our hearts and to learn about what we are passionate about. At the bottom of the page, it is written that “we are free to live our lives joyfully in witness and service.” The population of Lutherans worldwide is incredibly diverse and come from many different cultures, just like the students here on campus.  Even for those who aren’t religious, being at a religious school that requires religious courses is beneficial in the long run and helps make us well-rounded individuals who better understand many of the actions and events that occur each and every day.




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