Process Theology

The author of this article argues that the word perfect when applied to God is confusing to understand. “Perfect” implies that God was completely made or finished, but if God is the all-powerful creator, who or what created/made or finished God himself? This is quite a confusing concept and reminds me of the question “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” But really, if God made us, what made God? It seems to me that God was created by the human mind to explain our existence upon the Earth.

Then, the author mentions that if God was perfect and could not be made any better than he/she already is or was, then why would be create the Earth and everything on it? What purpose do we as humans serve to God if he can become no greater? Many Christians express their love of God by saying that they “live to serve God”, but if God is described as perfect, how would our service benefit him in any way?

The use of the words that describe God as seen as contradicting or nonsense to Charles Hartshorne and he goes to great lengths to uncover the meaning of the word perfect in the context in which it is used. When trying to understand the meaning of the term “all-powerful”, Hartshorne explains that it is the power to determine and decide the every detail of the happenings upon Earth. Christians believe that everything happens for a reason because God has each step of their life planned out, so they see God even in times of misfortune. I believe that the packet we read uses the example of a patient with cancer. Although I am Christian, sometimes I think it is hard to say or think that bad things happen in the world because this God has planned it that way. The concept of God is so obscure and I think that no matter how deep we delve into religious texts or writings, he/she will always be too complex to simply understand or describe.


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