The Emerging Church

I find it interesting how this insider of the emerging church decided to write this article in order to set the record straight and try to get across to the reader what the emerging church is really about and “undermine the urban legends”. I think that sometimes when an outsider writes about a religious group or movement, often times they describe the extremists of the religion and can make them seem sometimes ridiculous or a little crazy, but this persons purpose is to describe the average person that is a part of this movement so that we can try to get a clear idea of who they are and what they do. However, there is ultimately a bias in this article because he is in fact an insider. I think that for us as outsiders in this class to get the clearest idea of religions, denominations, and movements in the world, we need to take the approach that we did for our denomination project and become a part of it so that we can see it for ourselves.

What stood out to me was when I was reading about the post-evangelical stream and the author described himself as an evangelist, but he is not the “tract-toting, door-knocking kind”. Instead, he is the kind that tries to spread the news and act in a Christian way so that others can see his religion through his actions. I have much respect for people who do this and I think that it is a good way for people who want to spread the word to do so subtly as opposed to being up in your face trying to convert you.

What I liked most in this article was the section about orthopraxy, or “right living”. In the past, present, and future we have and will see people that believe one thing but do another. This movement focuses more on how one lives as opposed to what one believes because someone can SAY that they believe something, but their actions are the proof and serve as evidence for what they think is acceptable and “right”.


One thought on “The Emerging Church

  1. I agree with the part of how an outsider’s view can really make a religion sound ridiculous or crazy. They obviously do not know how the religion works in depth, and base their opinions on the common worships and practices they do. However, I feel like a lot of what outsiders have to say about a religion are the most critical. I also agree with your second point of this article. Even though he is not the type of evangelist that goes around and knocks on people’s doors, he is still able to spread the word by doing simple things like this article.

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