Media Prentations. Three more classes to go!!


The series Supernatural revolves around two brothers hunting a demon that has killed their mother. According to the presentation today, Sam was fed demon blood since a young child and has a destiny as Lucifer’s vessel. Here, angels and demons must possess a body in order to walk around on Earth. In this case, the demon blood is comparable to the forbidden fruit and gets addicted to it, but what confused me is…is this his fault? If he was fed it since a child were his parents responsible for him consuming the blood? I am a bit confused. The colt is a weapon that is able to kill anything in the real or supernatural world, but the colt could not kill Lucifer. This is representative of the old law. The amulet is very symbolic of faith because Dean throws away the amulet when he loses faith in his brother. The amulet is present when faith is present and not present when the characters lose hope. Sam is the “Christ-like” figure for the demons. In the youtube clip that was shown in the presentation, he blames “the blood” and the female that he is talking to says “no it was you” and says that his actions are what is responsible for the events that have occurred. He tries to blame the temptation rather than himself for being easily tempted (and now addicted).


This is a reality TV game show in which contestants are placed into competing tribes. In this game, religion influences the alliances that are created and can ultimately affect who wins the final million dollars. There was a season with tribes entitled “Heroes vs. Villains”. The Villains were known for making any kind of move to try to get any kind of gain. The Heroes are honorable and virtuous. The Heroes are comparable to selfless Christians and the Villains are comparable to selfish people who act in whatever way to benefit themselves rather than the majority. There was one season that used “Exile Island” where one person was voted to live by themselves for several days. This shows how power, or winning in this case, makes people feel above others and gives them the feeling of authority to tell people where to go and what to do. In contrast, Redemption Island is reminiscent of Jesus saving humanity. When a player is sent to this island they are given a second chance to earn their way back into the competition (could be seen as symbolic of heaven). Just as the contestant gets a second chance, Jesus gave Christians a second chance to enter heaven by allowing for Christians to have their sins forgiven.


3 thoughts on “Media Prentations. Three more classes to go!!

  1. It is interesting to see how religion plays a part in a reality Television show instead of a scripted TV show. At first it surprised me that religion was prominent in a show that isn’t cleverly scripted to be integrated within the character storylines but then it began to make sense. In society there are people that have prioritized religion as an important part of their lives and the show Survivor brings people from society onto a desert island. Just because these people are brought onto the island doesn’t mean that they will change their lifestyles drastically and therefore they will bring religion on to the show.

  2. The thing about Sam and demon blood is that the demon that killed his mother fed it to him while he was still a baby. His mother walked in, and because she interrupted the demon (Azazel), he killed her.

    You bring up an interesting point though. Is it really his fault? And it’s one of the problems I had with that particular storyline, because his wanting to assert his own autonomy and use his powers (things that were inherently a part of him) for good instead of evil was cast in a bad light. However, on the other hand, I also think that him becoming addicted to Ruby’s demon blood also had to do with the idea of losing your identity while being blinded; losing track of yourself, so to speak. It wasn’t his fault that he was addicted, no, because it was inside him the entire time. But the choices surrounding his drinking the blood became progressively darker and very unlike Sam. Overall, I think it was mostly a message of the greater good v. individual good; since Supernatural is all about free will, it will emphasize the individual good overall. Sam’s addiction to demon blood was for the greater good as well as for wanting his individuality, so the issues of the storyline are a little complicated and convoluted, but overall, I would say that it was ultimately about Sam, in his search for identity, losing it instead.

  3. It is pretty interesting how religion undertones can be found in reality television shows such as Survivor, in this case. After listening to Bailey’s presentation, I realized the connections and was actually surprised because there were a LOT of religion undertones. For example, I never once thought of relating Redemption Island to humanity given a second chance when Jesus died for our sins. Its also surprising because reality TV is, for the most part, how people would normally act, meaning we see their true sides versus actors following a script. I just find it crazy how, after this doing project, how religion undertones are pretty much everywhere.

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