Ecology & Religion

ImageI got this photo at the following link: This graph compares the growth of resources up against the growth of the population over time. This displays the problem that Thomas Malthus tried to bring to attention in the early 1800s. He contended that the population growth curve is geometric, whereas the food/resources growth is just arithmetic. He said that the results of this would cause war, famine, and disease. In your opinion, do you think that our future looks like it is heading this way? Why do you think that our society continues to be so wasteful when the numbers show that life cannot go on like this forever? I think that in the U.S., people “live in the moment” too much and don’t look down the road and think about future generations and their health and safety.

ImageI got this photo at the following link: This image shows the bible verse that the article discusses that says that humans are here to take care of the earth that God created. Other verses int he bible state that we were created from the “dust of the ground”. The reading also states that all that God made is good, so why does our society focus so much on degrading the good nature that surrounds us to put up lifeless and boring structures?


I got this photo at the following link: This image displays renewable options and nonrenewable sources that we constantly abuse and overuse. As an Environmental Science major, I think that the article described our problem perfectly: “these resources are finite and limited, and if we continue to use them at the present rate, within the foreseeable future there will be none left.” It sometimes blows my mind the amount of effort that is put into the uptake and production of these nonrenewable resources when we could be creating less harmful and more long-term ways of power for a more sustainable future.


One thought on “Ecology & Religion

  1. I think society, especially developed nations like the US, continues to be so wasteful because they are not directly feeling the consequences of what happens when resources are depleted or when the air and water become polluted. The consequences are slow to become displayed or known, causeing people to be wasteful in the way they use resources. Like you said, people focus on the now, and don’t take into consideration on how their action can impact those in the future. It’s not like in developing nations where the lack of resources can be immediately seen. It also helps that here in the US we have regulations and the EPA, compared to developing nations that might not have that.

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