I think that the main part of this reading that stuck with me is the fact that localized environmental problems involving excessive energy use or consumption that occurs in rich areas can impact the entire globe…therefore it becomes a global issue. This is the case for sinking island nations, acid rain, global warming, degradation of ecosystems, and more violent storms (HELLO…example A. The Philippines).  It is also kind of scary to me to know that even if were to be treating our environment well here, the actions of some other country could still negatively impact our health and surroundings. We continuously damage one country’s ecosystems, with money on our mind, so we can sell to another country. The demand for supplies is there, so we do anything to get the money available. And the sad thing is, we are often times selling them unsustainable and unhealthy objects or chemicals and things that lead to more global problems.

I’m not saying that I am anti-globalization because I do think that a lot of positive things result from the increasing interconnectedness of nations. It is convenient to be able to share information so easily and quickly, but it is also unfortunate that languages are being lost (because with languages dying there are so many different pieces of history that can/will be easily lost).

In my outside research, I read an article that stated that many countries often have weaker environmental regulation because they want to remain competitive in the world market.  This is a prime example of how in our world we tend to always favor economy over environment…even economy over health in many cases.

I have no idea where I stand or what my view is on globalization, these are simply things that really stood out to me. It is not all bad; globalization allows for more to benefit from international assistance and allows nations who are fighting for the same cause to unite and work alongside one another.  What do you think?


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