The Nature of College

I think that the term “global weirding” is rather humorous, but it is also an appropriate term. Global warming is really just ONE way that our actions are changing this world. In reality, we are facing a huge unknown. No time in Earth’s history has there been so many gases released and this much manipulation of natural environments. Do we know exactly what is going to happen? We have a general idea, but all we really know for sure is that the hydrologic and geologic events will be different than what we are used to—they will be WEIRD!

I think this reading really stressed environmental education. It also made me rethink what we associate with the word education in our society. Often we automatically assume that most individuals who have obtained a degree are educated, but did they engage with their courses or take them mainly to complete requirements? I think that there are many educated people in this world who have not attended college. I think that college is a great thing, but not all people take advantage of the possibility to learn and become aware of their surroundings. I also think that what is cool in our class is that the majority of the people in the class are not Environmental Science majors- this means that more people are being educated about the environment. Students who have not chosen to make it their field of study, like I have, are still being informed about the effects of our personal actions on the planet. I think that is great.

The reading also mentions how we portray nature in our society. We romanticize nature in car advertisements…of all places! We give the viewer the idea that if they buy this automobile, it will bring them closer to the natural world, when in reality it is actually destroying the natural world in many ways. The Subaru Outback commercial that I have attached shows a couple on their honeymoon who are off-roading to get to their romantic getaway. They run into a cow along the way…like if you think about it the cow that is just grazing and enjoying life is probably not to stoked to see people interfering with his daily activities. But, then again when I went on a Geology field trip in Death Valley earlier this month we went off-roading in order to study rock formations so I’m not hating on the use of cars. It is just ironic how we try to sell them.


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