Twenty-four Hours

I have officially been in Australia for (about) 24 hours. The winds here are so warm, but I am sad that I have not made my way to the beach yet. I have interesting flatmates. Only three out of eight are Australian (I think) and the one with pink hair does not care for me, or anyone, much. I really hope that that the techno that was being blasted until 4am does not continue every night. But if so, it might be okay because I will be gone for extended periods of time for field trips and field work.

The flight was awesome. I highly recommend Qantas. There was a really incredible salmon dinner, nice breakfast and I loved the flight attendants’ uniforms! I took sleeping pills and slept most of the first flight, but also managed to watch Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory. The only unfortunate thing that happened during my travels is the fact that my luggage got soaked due to the rain from Cyclone Marcia when I had a layover in Brisbane. I will be complaining to Qantas about this, unfortunately. However, I cannot try to even contact them until I get an Aussie celly.

I am moved in most of the way. There are three students in my immediate program, Ecology, Conservation, & Sustainability, which gives us a lot of one-on-one time with professors and staff. We have a lot of exciting trips planned and also are doing a lot of activities with the Arts & Sciences program, which includes 8 students from the states. For instance, we have a two day trip to Rottnest Island this week for snorkeling, biking, camping, hiking, etc.

Animal update: this morning I adventured around before orientation and found three quenda running around by the study abroad CIEE office. Going to try to snap some photos of them tomorrow before my didgeridoo lesson tomorrow. Cheers!


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