This morning an aboriginal woman was outside of the study abroad center. She was feeding a quenda some nuts (which I do not approve of) and this allowed me to get some photos of the little guy (or girl? couldn’t see a pouch or joey to confirm). Aren’t they just so cute in their own little unique way? Thought that I should share these photos with you. Today we all applied for a Unicredit bank account  and I also got a Vodafone sim card that I am hoping will work on my at&t phone once it is unlocked. Our didgeridoo lesson was quite fun, although I am terrible at playing the instrument for longer than about ten seconds. For now I am just finding some shade before the 40 degree whether kicks in tomorrow with no wind. Apparently in Freo, when it is windy they say that “the doctor is in” because it makes everything better. Tomorrow we are off to play with kangaroos, wombats, and koala bears, and I also get to enjoy my first time at an Australian beach, so I am sure I will have more photos to share. Jet lag is still killing me. Enjoy the photos!

DSC_0007 DSC_0006


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