Perth, Wind, and Fire



Isn’t that a clever blog title? I can’t take credit for it, though. There is actually a class offered at Murdoch University that some of my friends are taking that is entitled “Perth, Wind, and Fire”. This is such a suitable title for a cultural course on Western Australia because of the recent brush fires that have destroyed homes and burnt down acres upon acres of land. Anyhow, I finally went into the capital of WA, Perth! I absolutely love the public transportation here…why can’t southern California have such a great system. I would use it all the time. From my uni, you take the bus two stops to Murdoch train station. From there, you hop on the train and in + or – 4 stops (I forget exactly) you are in the city. It takes a little over 20 minutes and is under $5. Not bad, eh?Perth is very interesting visually. There are many architectural contrasts between one building and its neighbor. There are many shops and eateries. Our group of broke uni students opted for the food court. It worked out well becausethere were so many options and we didn’t have to rally the troops and make 9 people decide on one restaurant. We found a cute park and observed the many many murals of the city. Perth’s street art is very well known!

bloggyI am excited for the many trips into the city that I will take throughout my semester here. I can’t wait to explore King’s Park and try various restaurants, such as The Greenhouse, which is number one on my list. I got a cappuccino from The Coffee Club, which was absolutely delicious. Have I mentioned that there are no Starbucks in Western Australia? It is actually insanely refreshing not to have them here because I get to try so many “mom and pop” shops and explore other coffee shops that are equally as convenient as a Starbucks would be. They also happen to be about 100x more delicious so it all works out. My CIEE roommate Meredith has a small book of top 20 coffee drinks to order in Perth and I think we are going to try all of them before the semester ends.


For now, I am attempting to plan a trip to Uluru, which is basically in the middle of nowhere and looks extremely painful to try to get to. Most people already have their first study breaks planned out, so it looks like I will be making a solo trip, which I do not mind at all. I found a great backpacking and camping program that takes you through many of the national parks of the region, so hopefully I can get this all sorted out. Many CIEE students in Arts & Sciences are going to go to Bali and Thailand the second travel break. I have been warned of extremely large papers due at the end of my semester and was told not to travel for the entire second break. However, I think I may tag along with them for 4 days to Bali and head back to finish my studies. All of this is happening already and school doesn’t even begin until Monday. Wow!

Tomorrow is the last day of freedom for a while, so we are going to the Freo markets to get fresh produce and then are going to take the train later from Freo to Cottesloe. I also just signed up for a Swan Valley Wine Tour with others who live in the student village. We will be going to wineries, nougat factories, breweries, chocolate factories, and distilleries. I’ll either come back 50 pounds heavier than when I left, or I am hoping that backpacking, hiking, swimming, and walking from place to place will keep me in check. I think life (well, four months) in Australia is going to be pretty great, guys.

Future trip plan: Uluru



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