chevron festival gardens

This first week of class was very relaxing. It has been a smooth transition and my schedule is set up in a way in which I do not have to deal with more than two courses at a time. This week we had three days of our intercultural class entitled Seminar on Living and Learning in Fremantle. The assignments require a lot of discussion with classmates as well as deep conversations with the Australians that I live with who identify with the local culture. This week, we have a break from the intercultural class as we transition into our course at Curtin University Sustainability and Policy Institute. We will be taking Global and Regional Sustainability and will have the opportunity to explore the city of Perth in order to see what is in the works to stop urban sprawl and to make the city more environmentally friendly.

freo coffeefishbowl  In order to celebrate the first week of courses coming to an end, Meredith, Chloe, Nina and I found a Mexican Restaurant in Freo and split a fishbowl margarita. It was nice having some fish tacos instead of meat pies. Hallelujah. On Friday I was also able to explore Freo by myself in order to take photographs for an assignment for my intercultural class. It was nice having the freedom of being alone and wandering the streets with no one holding me back. I bought a “Blind Date with a Book” (as seen in the photo to your right) from a local secondhand bookshop. It ended up being Mrs Robinsons Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian Lady, which appears to have good reviews. I look forward to taking it to the beach with me. And of course, I had to get a cappuccino from The Coffee Club.

perthSaturday evening we made our way by train into the city of Perth in order to catch the last night of Perth’s International Arts Festival. We are “balling on a budget”, so to speak, and therefore did not pay the $55 to actually SEE the concert, but we happily walked into the Chevron Festival Beer Gardens which was NEAR the concert where we could hear the music of Nick Waterhouse for…..$FREE! I absolutely loved the live music as well as the music from the ’20s that the DJ played following the concert. The garden decorations were incredible, too. Wheelbarrows were made into chairs, there was a mural made out of old CDs and Records, Christmas lights hung with rubber ducks on them…everything was just so unique. It was nice to kick back, relax, and enjoy the scene. Some people left to go find a club, but the cool kids and I stayed and chatted about our lives, goals, and ambitions (and also about how much we disliked going to clubs). There are such good people here! The only bad part of the evening (if I had to think of one) is the cost of drinks. At this point it would be much cheaper to go to the “bottle-shop” (liquor store) and make my own drinks before going out for the evening. We caught the 1:15am train back to the Murdoch Station and since the buses stop running at midnight we were luckily able to flag down a cab. That was the adventure for the evening. Plus, people-watching at odd hours in the morning is always fun, right?

DSCN0770And finally, today there was the Chilli Festival in Fremantle. Most people were cheap and didn’t want to pay the $20 entry fee, but I wanted to spice up my life and I went for it. I ended up having Chilli Cider (which I do not recommend, but how often are you going to have the opportunity to have that?) and a pulled pork sandwich smothered with chilli sauce. I sampled chilli jam and chilli honey, which seem like they would be hard to incorporate into your diet. It was good fun and I think it was time and money well spent. Meredith accompanied me and we then headed to shop in Freo and check out the markets. I finally found spray-on sunscreen that was less than $20. If I would have known how expensive sunscreen was here, I would have packed a TON. Plus, then I could have sold it at a price cheaper than it sells here and made a profit. Girls got to make money somehow since I am on a Tourist Visa instead of a Student Visa and am not allowed to work!

Next weekend I will be able to tell you about the Swan Valley wine tour that I will be attending. I will also be able to tell you all of the fun things I am going to do on my Uluru tour and on my trip to Bali. Exciting stuff! I should get back to my essays and get ready for the week, especially now that I have a 45 minute bus-ride commute to Curtin Uni four times a week. Hope that all of you in the States enjoyed losing an hour of sleep-I am enjoying that I am now only 15 hours ahead instead of 16. Cheers!



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