Bad at Blogging

Some of my flatmates. Missing Eli, Sariah, and Meredith
Some of my flatmates. Missing Eli, Sariah, and Meredith

……But, I’m back in the U.S.A.! Wow. Sorry for leaving you all hanging. Thailand was a truly incredible experience and the 4-day Bangkok to Chiang Mai Adventure Tour through STA Travel was so great. Once I get my goPro compilation video completed for Thailand I will look back at my journal and do a complete blog post on my experiences in Thailand. I have been so busy, it is insane. After getting back from Thailand I had 36 hours to do laundry and pack up my entire life in Perth, Western Australia so that I could say goodbye to my friends and flatmates and head to Sydney to reunite with my family. I had a wonderful “Goodbye Brunch” at my absolute favorite breakie place in WA called Breaks. Meredith, my flatmate from Texas, couldn’t make the brunch because she was on a plane flying back from New Zealand, but she was luckily able to join Eli in taking me to the airport.

Hello from the Rose Family!
Hello from the Rose Family!

I had to check three bags in just to get to Sydney because my carry-on was far too heavy. I guess I collected too much during my time in Australia. I met my family in Sydney after running on two hours of sleep and we had two fun-filled weeks. Our vacation together was really incredible. If you want to get a great less-than-four-minute overview of our trip, watch my goPro compilation video on Facebook that I put together! It was so great to see my family once again and introduce them to Australia’s culture. One of my favorite parts was Cairns because not only did we get to see parts of the Great Barrier Reef, but it was the only warm place we traveled to! Sydney was rainy, Auckland was chilly, and Queenstown was full of snow. It was all really great, but it is good to be back in the United States.

DSC_0117After a week I am almost unpacked and moved back into my old room. I have been sleeping in the guest bedroom, which is really nice…but I really need to get rid of old stuff and get organized and situated back in my own room. I was supposed to be living in Thousand Oaks this summer taking Human Physiology at Cal Lutheran, but things change and there are certainly perks to living in Ventura with my family. I get to organize my life and prepare to step out into the real world next summer in the comfort of my own home. I get to walk my dogs and take care of my garden. I get to train by the beach for my next race and I lindsey stirlingget to blog outside with a jumbo cup of coffee. I get to pick avocados and lemons with Kalani on her property and satisfy my avocado addiction. I don’t have to pay rent just yet and I can save money for fun events, like seeing Lindsey Stirling at the Santa Barbara Bowl with Devin in August! I was able to spend my 4th of July with my favorite people. My poor mama was sick, but I had such a great time with my dad downtown at the street fair and we split a lovely lunch at Grapes and Hops while enjoying sangria and mimosas. I was able to watch the fireworks with my best friend, her grandparents, and my boyfriend. All of these things might have turned out differently if I were living somewhere else; even though Thousand Oaks is a short distance away, these activities would not have been as convenient.

This summer is going to be great. I may not have been able to get a hostessing job anywhere at all, but at least I have 5 wonderful kids to nanny for and I have plenty of time to better myself and enjoy life. I have time to see Sierra Smith and dance our problems away at our silly little Zumba class and I have time to spend my evenings at the studio cycling class with Briana and Kalani.

After four busy and exciting months in Perth, I was not looking forward to coming home to boring ol’ Ventura once again, but it’s not all that bad. Looking on the bright side of life is great and I look forward to the experiences that are in store for me this summer. Goodbye for now, Perth.


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